Teaser for categorization

Performance Saturday at about 01.00 pm at Arabiarannan katufestivaali


Munasarjat Performance

The performance group Munasarjat is back soon with a new performance at the Girl Power Night at Pop up Art House16.5.

”Performance group Munasarjat (Ovary) who screens ”simply the best” chick videos while shaking there asses.”



One of the Performers.

Project identity goes Arabiarannan katufestivaali

The next step of Project Identity will happen May 17 at the street festival in Arabia. Here is a short text about the first three parts of the project.

Project Identity is an ongoing project where Nylund researches different angles of the topic Identity. The first three parts (part 1, 1.2 and 1.3) deals with the human need to categorize and be categorized.

Part 1, Categorization, video. Pop up Art House 17.4 – 17.5 2014
The video shows Nylunds hands sorting toy beads in different piles.
”It took exactly one hour to sort the beads of color. While I sorted the beads I thought about what I could do instead of wasting my time on this unnecessary task.”

Part 1.2. Identity interviews. Live interviews. Pop up Art house 26.4 2014
Everyone has something to say about their identity, cause we go trough lives searching for it. How do you categorize yourself? how do you think others categorizes you? Is there a conflict between the two perspectives? These questions where asked by strangers at an Identity night at Pop up art House. The answers where various.

Part 1.3. Performance. Arabiarannan Katufestivaali. 17.5 2014
Nylund will perform ”Categorizing” live while people can listen to parts from the identity interviews.


Project Identity (part one) Categorizing

Project Identity (part one) Categorizing

Just nu arbetar jag med ett projekt om identitet. Den första delen som heter Kategorisera kommer att visas på Pop up Art House under våren. I projektet undersöker jag den inre och yttre aspekten av vad identitet innebär för olika individer.

I am working on a project about identity. The first part is called categorizing and will be shown at Pop up Art House this spring.

More information to come soon.

LASSO Pressmeddelande

LASSO Pressmeddelande

I dag klockan 20.00 kan ni titta på Lasso på Yle Fem. Kurz und Knapp, Carolin Koss och Anna-Sofia Nylund, gör korta konstfilmer till varje program. Ikväll om undergången.

Today at 8 PM you can watch Lasso at Yle 5. Kurtz und Knapp by Carolin Koss and Anna-Sofia Nylund makes short art films for each show. Tonight about doomsday.