2013 Vanquish


Experimental documentary/installation Pop up Art House 2013

”It’s hard to describe how much you can hate another person”

A young woman gets her life destroyed by her ex-boyfriend.

Director, editor, script: Anna-Sofia Nylund
Cinematographer, colour correction: Markus von Knorring
Sound: Pontus Nybergh
Actor: Julia Korander
Interviews: Eva-Maria Koskinen, Anna-Sofia Nylund

2013 Bland Vågorna / Meren Aalloilla


”Bland vågorna – Meren aalloilla” from Nina Ijäs on Vimeo.


One main character, Sabine

Documentary for Yle.

Youths growing up in children homes and foster care are participating in the Tall Ship Races from Latvia to Poland 2013. Sabine, Leo and Sergej are telling fragments from their life stories, while learning how to become independent on the sailing boat Helena.

Director: Anna-Sofia Nylund
Producer: Claes Olsson, Kinoproduction
Cinematographer: Johannes Östergård
Sound: Ludvig Allén
Sound mixing: Joonatan Hietanen
Music: Ludvig Allén and Pontus Nybergh
Editing: Nina Ijäs

2012 Queen of Splinters

Vem plockar upp skärvor av ett sprucket jag


Director, editor, cinematography: Anna-Sofia Nylund
Interviews and script: Eva-Maria Koskinen and Anna-Sofia Nylund
Rug dolls: Pauliina Turakka Purhonen
Music: Ludvig Allén

”I’ve never been in love with any of the men in my life. I don’t know what love is”. A 66-year-old woman looks back on her life. Trough odd experiences at nightclubs and with strangers in hotel rooms, we see memories take shape. Memories that has left their bearer with no comfort nor safety. The artist Pauliina Turakka Purhonen’s rug dolls illustrate the woman as a five-, thirty- and sixty-year-old.

Film festivals:

Artova film festival (Fin) honorable mention, Love and Anarchy (Fin), Arctic heat Nordic film festival (Fin), Tampere Film Festival, national competition (Fin), IndieLisboa 2013, international competition (Por) Art museum: The museum of new art in Pärnu (Est), Pärnu Film Festival (Est) Best experimental documentary, Femina Film Fest, international competition (Brazil), Nordischer Klang (Greifswald, Germany), Uppsala International Short Film Festival, Bucharest International Experimental Film Festival

Prizes: Artova Film Festival; Honorable mention, Pärnu Film Festival; Best Experimental Documentary

Facebook page: Vem plockar upp skärvor av ett sprucket jag

2011 Man får säga udda/It’s ok to call it odd


Directed by: Anna-Sofia Nylund
Produced by: Stefan Gustafsson/Redneck productions/Arcada
Cinematography: Stefan Gustafsson
Sound design: Ludvig Allén
Edited by: Nina Ijäs
Music by: Ludvig Allén

Recently a group of people with an alternative lifestyle have moved to the small village Uddebo. The people in the municipality are shocked by the newcomerʼs unorthodox life style. Amongst factories, sport clubs, and robotic lawn mowers itʼs considered a bit odd to make a living of art, gather food from dumpsters and arrange human snail races. On top of that the new arrivals have decided to restore the old ramshackle sewing factory in to a cultural center. But in the end, maybe everyone is a bit odd in the cotton-padded world.

Filmfestivals: Flickerfest (Aus), Artova film festival (Fin), Vera filmfestival (Fin), October filmfest (Fin), the International Video Festival Imperia (Italy), Filjournalen: LIVE (Fin), Ekenäs filmfest (Fin)

Prizes: Flickerfest; Best of Green Flicks Environmental Short, Artova Film Festiva; Prize for Urban Creativity

2010 Stuvade Känslor/Bunny Chop

Runa tries to hide her feelings from Jacob, but it is quite hard…

Runa: Joanna Wingren
Jacob: Henrik Heselius
Bunny: Sue Lemström
Director and script: Anna-Sofia Nylund
Producers: Arcada: Emilie Ekholm (Antell) and Anni Kotkamaa
Cinematographer: Markus von Knorring
Sound design: Ludvig Allén
Music: Ludvig Allén
Editing: Anna-Sofia Nylund
Filmfestivals: Artova Film Festival (Fin), Helsinki national film festival (Fin), October filmfest (Fin)
Prize: Egil Awards; Best Script

2009 My Joburg State of Mind

Directed by: Anna-Sofia Nylund / Mark Middlewick
Produced by: Anni Kotkamaa
Cinematography: Barry Buttress
Sound design: Sarah Faye de Muynk
Edited by: Anna-Sofia Nylund
Music by: Barry Buttress, Marilyn Middlewick

Crime is one of the biggest problems of the apartheid-plagued South Africa, and also one of the biggest reasons for leaving the country. Also Mark Middlewick is tired of living among electric fences, bars and alarms in his house in an upper class villa neighbourhood. He yearns to leave abroad, but is the constant state of fear just an illusion, or is life in Johannesburg really as dangerous as it feels inside his own bubble?

Filmfestivals: Kettupäivät (Helsinki national film festival) (Fin), Doc Point (Fin), Artova Film Festival (Fin), October filmfest (Fin)

2009 A Kosovo Fairytale

Produced by: Tapiwa Chipfupa Arcada/Afda/Wits
directed by: Anna-Sofia Nylund, Samantha Nell, Mark Middlewick
Written by: Samantha Nell, Mark Middlewick
Sound design by: Ludvig Allén
Music by: Ludvig Allén
Edited by: Mark Middlewick
Animation: Samantha Nell

A Kosovo Fairytale is a touching message for the little brother, so that he could understand the tough decision his family made – they fled to Finland, but he was left in Kosovo. The skilled animation tells the story of a happy family in the midst of war. Even if Finland is good, the family’s worry for the one left behind does not ease. The film illustrates collective pain and provides an intimate picture of one of Kosovo’s numerous human tragedies

Doc Point 2010

Festivals: 2009: Kettupaivat (national shortfilm festival Fin) 2010: DocPoint (Fin), Tampere Film Festival (Fin) Winner of student prize, Artisokka -Helsinki woman film festival (Fin), Women of the Sun film festival (SA), aye aye film festival (FRA), Artova Film festival (FIN) honor prize, Love and Anarchy (FIN), Doc Leipzig Festival (GER), Con Can movie festival (JAPAN), October filmfest (FIN), 2011: Tempo Festival (SVE), Monstra Festival (POR)

Prize: Tampere Film Festival; Best Student Film, Artova Film Festival; Honorable Mention



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